Travel with care

Travel With Care

Daily, at Kassandra Palace Seaside Resort, we are working to ensure we are up to standards in regards to hygiene and cleaning so that we are ready to welcome you back soon

…with the reassurance that we will maintain the utmost health and comfort for you during your stay. Measures include:
•    Special staff briefing updates daily
•    Trainings on the latest guidelines provided by health authorities and dedicated seminars
•    Reinforcement of the rules and practices of good personal hygiene
•    Provisioning of medical masks and gloves for staff and guests
•    Hand sanitizers in place at guest contact areas such as hotel lobbies, VIP transfers, as of the opening of the hotels.
•    Special attention has also been placed to sanitise public contact points such as elevator buttons, reception counters and all hotel facilities, prior to opening and onwards.

Also, we would like to inform you that all Guests who wish to have PCR or Rapid test, must declare it at the reception 1 day before giving the sample, The contracted doctor of the Hotel will receive the sample from the hotel and will send the results electronically to customers  24 hours Proof of testing has to be provided in paper/electronic form either